Business Rockstars to partner with Rocking M Media…..

BusinessRockstars Rectangle LogoRocking M Media is pleased to announce its new partnership with Business Rockstars and the launch of the Business Rockstars two hour Monday thru Friday program on KLOE, KGNO and KRMR/KNNS along with the Business Rockstar Minute on all the Rocking M Media radio stations.

Entrepreneurship is HOT. The Rockstar of today does not play a guitar or churn out hit records…the new Rockstars are Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Mark Cuban…BUSINESS ROCKSTARS. Interest in entrepreneurship has never been higher. Sharktank, Apprentice, and The Profit, are hit TV shows, the cost of entry for a start-up is at an all-time low, start-up incubators and accelerators are popping up all over the country, valuations of start-ups are at an all-time high and the variety of exit strategies expands every year. Where does this growing marketplace of people go to learn to start, grow, and fund a business? There is a significant unmet need for a multi-media, easily accessible set of resources for this market. Forbes puts the total number of entrepreneurs and wannapreneurs at thirty million people in the US alone.

Business Rockstars (BR) is currently the largest producer of live, daily, audio and video content targeted to entrepreneurs. Wantrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs learn to make good decisions early, when to pivot, how to build the right team, and how and when to raise capital. BR provides efficient resources through a variety of mediums: a 2 hour live radio and streaming video program, podcasts, blogs, social media, and soon a new mobile app. These are all mediums that capitalize on strong trends such as exploding mobile app usage (growing at 115% in 2013 alone) accelerated video viewing over text (over 200%/year in the last three years). What CNBC is to the day trader, Business Rockstars will be to the entrepreneur. Similar to how VICE Media built its footprint, BR is building a 24/7 content channel with a range of programming, content, and products that are focused on a large unmet need in the market: tools and training for entrepreneurship. BR has a powerful advantage with its uniquely talented management team, and investors, and advisors who are all laser focused on building Business Rockstars into the leading content platform for Entrepreneurs across Mobile, Social and Broadcast.

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