Rocking M Media extends its KCAC Radio Network with the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference through 2020-21

Manhattan, Kan. – Rocking M Media, LLC is pleased to announce the extension of its KCAC Radio Network agreement with the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference through the end of basketball season in the 2020-21 school year.  This “Game of the Week” partnership provides for live play-by-play radio coverage of conference football games and men’s and women’s basketball doubleheaders during the regular season as well as postseason play throughout the state of Kansas and into surrounding states.


“As we were preparing to enter into our third year in partnership with the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference to broadcast these Games of the Week on the KCAC Radio Network, Rocking M Media realized when you have a successful partnership that is a true win-win endeavor, as this has been between our two organizations, you want it to continue. Rocking M Media is very excited about extending our partnership with the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference,” explained Christopher Miller, President, Rocking M Media.


Under the extended agreement, the KCAC Radio Network will broadcast a minimum of 12 conference football games from August to November each year in addition to a minimum of 10 men’s & women’s basketball doubleheaders during the conference regular season that goes from late November to mid February each year.  Each broadcast will include the KCAC Rewind, a pre-game program including interviews with coaches, student-athletes, and a breakdown of the latest conference information covering national rankings and awards recevied by member institutions.


“We are thrilled to continue to support and promote the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference. The KCAC Radio Network is a great opportunity for schools to garnish state-wide recognition and have their voice be heard on up to seven radio stations at one time ” said James Westling, Operations Manager for Rocking M Media stations in Salina, Great Bend, and Hays.  Westling is an award-winning broadcaster and will be featured as one of the play-by-play announcers on the KCAC Radio Network along with Rocking M Media’s Jeremy Bohn.


In addition to the regular season coverage, Rocking M Media will serve as the Official Radio Broadcast Partner of the KCAC for postseason football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball.  Select NAIA Football Championship Series games featuring a KCAC team will be broadcast live over the network.  The same is true for the conference’s postseason Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments with select coverage of quarterfinals and semifinals from member institution home sites as teams make their way to Championship Monday at Hartman Arena in Park City, Kan.  This year’s Women’s Championship Final (6:00 p.m.) and Men’s Championship Final (8:00 p.m.) on Monday, Feb. 26, 2018 will both be covered live over the KCAC Radio Network. Select NAIA Basketball Championship tournament games in Sioux City, Iowa (Women) and Point Lookout, Mo. (Men) will also be covered over the network from March 7-13, 2018.


“I share the excitement Rocking M Media has with this agreement,” stated Dr. Scott Crawford, KCAC Commissioner.  “This partnership continues to be a one of kind arrangement within the NAIA and allows the conference to more fully promote our member institutions, their athletics programs, and the tremendous student-athletes and coaches throughout the conference. With the addition of Avila University beginning in 2018-19, Rocking M Media and the KCAC will be looking to extend the reach of the KCAC Radio Network into the Kansas City market as well for Fall 2018.”


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